Make them Care!


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Make them Care!

How to increase sign-up conversion by leveraging the psychology of product adoption.

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Remember the first big promise of the Web?

The one where we could "sell to anybody, anywhere, anytime"? That promise has been fulfilled, many times over. But the consequences of that promise were't clear. We couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to get heard in a marketplace filled with, well, everyone!

Selling products online is hard because we do not have conversations with the people we sell to. Instead, we design web sites that end up doing the talking for us. Along the way our message gets obscured, our product vision gets lost, and people fail to understand the value of our product...and so they leave. In this design guide I will help you clarify your message, communicate your vision, and make people care about your product.

Do you ask yourself these questions?

  1. Why aren't more people buying our product?
  2. Why can't we communicate how great our product is?
  3. Why is it so hard to translate our amazing product vision to a website?
  4. Why does it feel like nobody cares about our product?
  5. How do we design a compelling website that visitors trust?
  6. How do we communicate what type of company we are?
  7. How does website (X) communicate so clearly?

What You'll Learn

  1. 12 reasons why people just don't care about your product.
  2. Why product vision is lost when publishing on the Web (and how to regain it).
  3. The psychological principles of product adoption and how to take advantage of them when building your site.
  4. Why copying designs is a bad idea.
  5. The three steps to making people care.
  6. What types of design elements are most effective and why.
  7. How to prioritize content on your homepage (and entire website).
  8. How to write effective copy about the benefits and features of your product.
  9. How to best incorporate the voice of your customers in your website.
  10. Why the red-hot startup Posterous changed their design from clever to boring...and increased signups by 300%.
  11. How Netflix designed their site to communicate their product crystal clearly.
  12. How giant-killer Freshbooks built the ultimate product homepage.
  13. Why video is a double-edged sword when selling your product.
  14. In short, how to design world-class product websites.

Who is this book for?

This book is multi-disciplinary by necessity. The skills it takes to communicate a product vision within a website include design, marketing, selling, and copywriting. That is why this is such a hard problem! In particular, the people who will gain value from the book are:

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Let me know when this book is released:

About the author

Make them Care! is written by me, Joshua Porter. I am the author of Designing for the Social Web, publisher of the popular design blog Bokardo, and currently the Director of UX at HubSpot.